The MotivationMen PepTalk™ series of humorous-but-serious business & productivity videos. Full-play versions (most 2 - 3 minutes) are designed to sharpen an aspect of your business thinking and reconfigure or restore particular 'attitudes'. One further objective is to help create a small turnaround within the individual, then and there.

A parody of 90's motivation videos, mentor sensations, Nic & Peter aka. The MotivationMen™, offer you unique methods in mind-moulding:

  • A FREE Weekly "Featured" episode, pre-selected to test you or your team. Out on Mondays, its currently free to join at the homepage.
  • This free subscription also Includes Weekday QuickTips: your 5-Second 'Shocks of Insight' based on the Featured video that week.
  • The PRO Subscriber options (accessed via any episode) allow instant and complete access to the entire 75-Episode PepTalk vault any time a particular angle is required to uplift, focus or motivate.
  • Pro-subscription transforms the homepage's Preview Library instantly into full and unlimited play modules
  • The resource aims to be on-tap and immediately effective - all without unduly interupting your workflow.

Your MotivationMen's focus will remain yourself - their heartfelt referred to "#1 Client". As such their wish is that you utilise any focus point, reminder or timely boost in a relatively 'low concentration' and enjoyable manner.

Episodes always cover one or more of the following topics:
Motivation Sales Service Productivity Teambuilding

technical requirements

Please note: to keep subscriptions as low as possible, we do not provide streaming or technical support.

DO ALLOW Pop-Ups on this site through your browser otherwise indvidual episode-modules (a series of pop-up boxes) will not activate. See here for some excellent, short-order help allowing pop-ups within browser types.

o play any of the free PepTalk Previews (free) or full-play episodes (PRO Subscribe) via PC computer requires Adobe's Flash player and javascript turned on - both already pre-installed and 'on' in 99% of all computers.


on-topic & on-demand

With this collection of 75 episode-modules, The MotivationMen™ believe they can tackle immediacy, brevity and regular self-review in the simplest, most enjoyable manner possible. The idea is not to be overly intense but simply 'cut to the chase'.

As a minimum do commit to the current free-access program i.e. each week's Featured episode module via Web, iOS or Android device. Just 3 minutes a week towards your own business mentoring and mind moulding, combined with Tuesday-to-Friday QuickTips.

While individual results vary, Nic & Peter hope that all episodes have an immediate effect on some aspect of your mood, motivation, focus or productivity - at home, at the office, or on the road.

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