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What are the technical requirements to play "PepTalk" free previews or subscriber full-play episodes?
Episodes require both Adobe's Flash player, and javascript turned on (already both pre-installed and 'on' in 99% of all computers). Apple iPhone/ IPad and Android mobile/tablet devices require the already built-in HTML5 player. Access through all methods requires good broadband, WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity to operate.

Via Desktop/Laptop, the pop-up episode boxes seem to hang in blank white or black?
There appears to be no player in the page or pop-up episode box? It takes a much longer time to appear?

Depending where you are in the world, this is almost certainly because of heavier network conditions and/or a link break.

1. Wait that little longer for the page & player to load/start
2. Close or click-away-close the pop-up episode box, then re-select
3. Or (as with any website) return a little later when server/network conditions aren't quite as heavy.

After subscribing to either the featured-only or full program as the first-user/license holder, access was automatically granted - but how do I add further users from my team?

  • To add or remove further team members simply use the MANAGE USERS link in the site menu above.
  • Currently up to 9 further team members can be added additional to the first-user.
  • Tip: To save time you may wish to simply invite other selected users as part of the team license and have them fill in their own individual email address only within the form (their username).

Where and for whom can videos be displayed?

  • Full-length videos can accessed by one individual subscriber alone for display to a team using their featuired-only or full subscriptions.
  • Team subscription allows anywhere smartphone & web access for up to ten users including the initial Subscriber/1st user.
  • Downloading or copying video episodes is strictly forbidden and a breach of copyright. Please protect the integrity of the series by not downloading or in any way copying or accepting any illegal, copied videos.
  • Individual display does not include display at or from other websites.
  • Use of any video PepTalk may not extend to displaying of any episode from or at other websites outside of the MotivationMen.com site itself. (See our Syndication section for private commercial login-&-display opportunities at other websites.)
  • For full terms & conditions of use see this page.

Have a technical or general query regarding use not answered on this page? For further support simply hit the CONTACT link above. Queries are answered in 24-48hours but often sooner ;-)

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