industry-by-country syndications

Give your customers & clients one further compelling reason to drop by your company or media site weekly for their own personal or business support.

Currently, we're keen to partner internationally with potential
industry- and state-exclusive entities looking to provide added-value
business support for their client-industries or consumer community.

Official Syndicated Play ButtonIf your enterprise feels as strongly as we do about the need to support client businesses or customers in a way that's a little more personal please do drop us a line: syndications@motivationmen.com

The core mission is to deepen a company's client and wider industry engagement while further extending the reach of normal promotional programs.

We believe (obviously ;-) this can be better achieved through the relationship enhancements exclusive and highly supportive content such as the Weekly PepTAlk by The MotivationMen can provide.

Contact syndications@motivationmen.com

Key Benefits

  • Further encourages regular client participation at your site
  • Demonstrates personal & business support of their own endeavours
  • Encourages greater response rates via promotion and links within staff emails, e-newsletters and other marketing promotions
  • A compelling, regular and supportive drawcard for commercial sites

Alert Me When Episodes Update (Inactive)

Per this simple example above, we recommend setting up your own 'Alert Me' email as part of (or even additional to) normal e-newsletters already hosted by your site and business.

Episode links or our promo button (above left) can be placed around a commercial website linking to either the play page, or the button or video itself used as a regular draw to the site's mainpage. We also encourage buttons or links be included in e-communications or newsletters, and even staff email signatures.

Why? The key principle is to always give your customers one further compelling reason to visit your site more regularly, or further engage with, or respond to promotions.

Instant, weekly auto-updated episodes are accessed anytime* via clients PCs, iPads, iPhones, (and soon) Android phones & tablets.

PRO 6-Mthly